The New graphic version of the Nike Adapt BB shoes

Less than a year ago everyone was talking about the shoes that buckled themselves through an app. Now that this invention seems to us the most normal thing in the world, Nike presents us with new graphic and color versions of the Nike Adapt BB sneakers. This shoe is not only the smartest model, but it is one of the coolest in terms of new colors. Born to play basketball, the truth is that they are cool to throw in a basket from anywhere in a city. They are simply cool.

The Nike Adapt BB shoes were born to fit the foot of basketball players, who during a match can widen and shrink more than once due to pressure, varying the player’s needs up to a number. With this in mind, Nike engineers devised a system so that the laces could be adjusted with the press of a mobile key, and through an app and bluetooth, the shoelaces are adjusted in a thousandth of a second.

We chose basketball as the first sport for Nike Adapt intentionally, due to the demands of the athletes regarding their shoes,” says Eric Avar, vice president and creative director of Nike Innovation. “During a normal basketball game, the athlete’s foot is transformed, and the ability to quickly change the fit, releasing the shoe to increase blood flow and re-fitting it to improve performance, is a key element that we believe will improve athlete experience.

How the automatic laces of the Nike Adapt BB shoes work

A motor and a custom gear train notice the tension the foot needs and, consequently, adapt to keep them tight. The tensile strength of Laces under the feet is able to withstand a force of about 14.5 kilos (approximately the same as a common parachute rope) to secure the foot in its range of motion.

That’s where the brain enters, or FitAdapt technology. With a manual touch or via Smartphone through the Nike Adapt app, players can enter different adaptation settings, depending on the different moments of the game. For example, in the downtime, the player can loosen the Nike Adapt BB shoe before adjusting it to return to the match. The truth is that with Nike it seems so easy that now what we want is for the Nike Adapt BB to go one step further and also allow us to change color through a mobile app. Although we love the new colors, they are very CMYK, very print, but it is just for asking. You can catch them on


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