Rodrigo Westermann at Rock Management Lensed by Rodrigo Marconatto

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After a 4-month season in Mexico, model Rodrigo Westermann returns to Brazil and meets with photographer Rodrigo Marconatto and poses for a photo shoot on a road between Campinas and Sao Paulo. The photos mark the return of the model in Brazilian lands while exploring all its charms and beauty.

Born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Westermann is reprensented by Rock Management with his career began in 2015 and has since divided his work schedule between Mexico and Brazil. He’s scheduled to marry singer Leandro Buenno – who participated in the third season of The Voice Brasil.

I’m in the best phase of my life, I found the guy who changed everything and changes everything every day. I only know how to thank God every day. Our marriage is going to be a day of celebration of the love that moves us, which many people are discredited today. I know that our relationship reaches people we don’t even realize, we get so much affection, and we have so much affection for each other. It is greater and more important than any difficulty there in politics or religion. We love each other so much, that’s what matters. And we want to spend our whole lives living this love and emanating it to the world, ”he said


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