Puma x Rubik, the shoes collection with more colors

Rubik’s cube is one of the icons of pop culture since the 70s. And the collection is cool and full of colors. Rubik’s famous cube turned into slippers, t-shirts and sweatshirt. The Puma x Rubik collection includes slippers and clothing such as sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts. All with the graphic print reminiscent of the famous cube invented in 1974 by the architecture professor Ernő Rubik . Today one of the best selling toys on the entire planet, and one of the ones that has generated the most benefits.

The Puma x Rubik collection has several parallels with the famous toy. It also raises the idea of ​​the game when thinking about your outfits and outfits with the pieces of the school. The RS-X³ RUBIK shoe is the centerpiece of the collection and comes in the many colors that appear in the toy. The PUMA x RUBIK’S hoody hoodie has been designed in the color scheme known to Rubik’s Cube fans around the world, while the PUMA x RUBIK’S tee and the PUMA x RUBIK’S AOP Tee take signs of the shape and Cube mechanics with fun graphic prints.


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