How To “TONE OVER TONE” To Style Your Masculine Look

I suppose you are familiar with the words ‘tone over tone‘ in men’s dressing styles. It’s one of the most traditional styling tricks of men’s fashion whereby you basically match pieces of the same color but with different shades. Here we have some four points on how to incorporate this technique into your masculine appearance.

Point No, 1: Color Harmony

If you are man of style, matching your dressing look can be of great advantage. Your tone over tone style gives you a unique noticeable appearance. This is because you will be matching pieces that are within a close range of coloring. Always go with the best clothing colors.

Point No, 2: Modern & Stylish Look

While tone over tone is some what an old technique it is now a trend on the rise. Hence using this trick gives you a modern and stylish appearance. You can observe this from celebs and fashion icon too.

Point No, 3: Colour Combination

Okay, here is tricky part. What color fit well within the context of tone over tone? You can go with blue or you can also mix black with grey. Earthy tones such as brown and caramel is good too. That will make you day and alway remember which colour dress suits on your skin.

Point No, 4: The Footwear

Very importantly the footwear follow the same logic of clothes and then have a contrasting color. This creates a very interesting effect. There it goes according to your personal taste.

To conclusion, what’s your taste or what colors do you like on the tone over tone concept?. Let us know in the comments box below

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