Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton by Mike Ruiz

In an interview with Prestige Magazine , the Formula 1 world champion explained that being a racing driver is more physically demanding than you might think.

People think that you’re just sitting there. But it’s so physical. It’s so strenuous, it’s the g-force you’re pulling, you’re using your core, your glutes, your legs. When you’re going around a corner, the car goes like a fighter jet and your body doesn’t want to keep up with it. So it is really, really physical. We have to train, but we can’t be big and bulky. I have to stop doing weights because I just put on muscle and I get too heavy. Diet is like 70 percent of it. On an average day, usually I have two poached eggs in the morning with half an avocado, and then I’ll have a bowl of porridge. I’ll probably have some fruit around 11 o’clock. For lunch, generally I’ll just have a salad.


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