First models of the New Balance All Terrain Fresh Foam collection

The trail was born in the mountains and trails. A sports modality that required special technical shoes. And New Balance took the first step with a specific footwear for trail running, perfect to cross streams, rivers, hills and mountains. It was the year 1977, and New Balance presents the first specific model for this sport: the New Balance Trail 355 silhouette. A special design to adapt to the wet surfaces of New England, where it was tested. These shoes had so much roll that even urban runners adapted them.

Over the past 40 years, New Balance has continued to innovate to offer new designs of sneakers specifically for outdoor in all its modalities. And so we arrive until today, 2019, autumn winter. Just a time when the aesthetic trail reaches the streets. Now New Balance takes a second step with the All Terrain collection. A versatile and inclusive season proposal, for asphalt and nature, boys and girls. Shoes designed and produced with the most advanced technology of the moment, as well as its design, totally impressive and innovative. They stick with everything, with a running tights, with a street tracksuit and, of course, with Chinese or tight jeans.

The New Balance All Terrain collection is presented to the public with two reference models: the Fresh Foam 850 All Terrain and the renewed Fresh Foam Hierro v5 All Terrain silhouette . The two shoes are complemented by a proposal of matching garments.

The 850 AT shoes from the New Balance All Terrain collection

The New Balance All Terrain 850 AT sneaker is a versatile model. Very resistant, perfect for venturing along the most irregular paths. Its Fresh Foam X cushioning provides maximum comfort, move wherever you move. In addition, the Vibram outsole clings to any surface. But, in addition to its technical qualities, the 850 AT shoe also has a roll-up design, great for completing any urban outfit. It is inspired by the original 850 silhouette with details such as the alternative placement of the NB logo, the panel design and the details of the nylon straps. 

The Fresh Foam Hierro v5 shoes from the New Balance All Terrain collection

Like its collector sister, the Fresh Foam Hierro v5 sneaker also uses the latest advances in data collection (Data to Design). Highly accurate information, essential to provide perfect cushioning thanks to the Fresh Foam X midsole . The upper part of the shoe is also very important. The upper has a special heat sealing system that guarantees that its interior is always dry. The outer release, Vibram MegaGrip , assures you a top traction, go running down a goat path or through the subway corridors.

Both models of the New Balance All Terrain collection, the Fresh Foam Hierro v5 and 850 AT, you will find from and in a selection of multi-brand stores. And they are already among the best selling models of the season.


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