10 Ways To Deal With Loneliness

When a person feel loneliness he is overcome by a strong anxiety caused by the absence of connection with other human beings, both in the present moment and also in the future prospects.

We may even feel completely isolated even in the midst of a crowd, for it’s an emotional factor and not necessarily a physical issue.

If you are feeling lonely, it is important to note that this condition also affects most people. Therefore you are not technically alone here and knowing this already helps a lot to lessen your anxiety. Keep in mind loneliness is a very compelling feeling , and we @zaraidleman are here to help cope up with way of dealing with your loneliness.

Tip: Discover The roots of Your Feelings

To change this scenario of emotional isolation, the first step is to understand the reasons that are making you feel that way. It’s like medicine when prescribed only once a diagnosis is made.

The loneliness factor of each individual may vary and caused due to different aspect of ones daily life but usually goes through the absence of deep connections with others. And that’s the relationships in which there is intimacy, trust, companionship. Not just a superficial coexistence.

To even emphasize more on this situation, keep a notepad to record your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself the following questions: “I usually feel lonely when?…” or “I usually feel lonely because?…”. The try to reason out and provide answers to your questions.

In addition to this reflection, there are some habits that will help to face loneliness, continuing reading below…

Advice: The Lonely Hearts

No. #1 Consult A Therapist: In some cases, the best alternative is to talk to a psychologist who has the ability to help you understand the reasons that lead you to feel lonely and to deal with them.

No. #2 Make Physical Exercise A Daily Activity: Exercise is essential for both your mind and your body and will have a positive effect on your well-being and decrease the feeling of loneliness. I will suggest you do this often.

No. #3 Engage In Collective Sports: With more to physical exercise as explained in No.2 above collective sports are very good at integrating people and creating new friendships. Enroll in a class or club of something that interests you.

No. #4 Meditation: Sometime you may no feelings of wanting to be close to anyone but how about being close to yourself?. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, and is also effective in dealing with depression. If your sense of loneliness is the result of some mental disorientation, consider doing meditation as it’s a great way to deal with it.

No. #5 Leave Alone(The Bachelor’s Life): When you fall in love with your ownself, you fail to put all your expectations in others and as a result, the relationships you may have already improved starts to shrink. To combat this situation start by going out alone once a week and something you enjoy. It could be going to a restaurant, to the movies or even to the beach. This will also give your more room to yourself reflect at your relationship with others.

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No. #6 Demonstrate Your Curiosity To Others: Do not be afraid to talk to people and to be curious about their lives. Everyone likes to talk about themselves.

No. #7 Engage In Voluntary Work: It is common to overestimate our problems but one of the valuable ways to deal with this is by helping others, hence you focus less on your thinking in the “individual” and more in the “collective” and therefore increases your sense of gratitude too.

No. #8 Keep a Pet As Your Company: Okay I understand people sometimes can be be annoying, then what about having a pet? Pets are one of the most precious and faithful companies you can find. However, rest assured that you will have the ability to take full responsibility for this small life.

No. #9 Do Some Reading: Aquality reading is a distraction and usually fills the reader with a pleasant sense of adventure just like watching a moving. In addition, a good book or article also makes us feel close to their characters.

No. #10 Create a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs: We all have favorite music we like listening to. Everyone has his own taste to different genre too. Then why not make a playlist full of your favorite songs at least to increase your excitement , your energy, and your happiness.

As for that well noted, it’s our hope you have a great day with these 10 good advices provided. Keep reading Zara Idleman and let’s catch up on our next article.


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