How to Wear Men’s Overalls Also Known as Jumpsuit

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Today we are going to talk about a controversial men dressing style here at zaraIdleman:–men’s overalls or rather called jumpsuits. Can you adopt it in style? Or is it best to eliminate this piece from your closet? As we all know there are less/no rules in the world of men’s fashion. Style is something personal and you should wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy. But still there is a good sense that can help every man to dress better, so let’s explore this issue of overalls a little.

Traditionally jumpsuit or let’s go with the name Overalls — is made out of out of jeans, with pants and suspenders united in a single set, which also covers the abdomen. Overalls are mostly used especially like uniform of work in workplaces and gardens. So the piece has a large front pocket : to store tools. But over time other variations have emerged, both in fabric and modeling. Some pieces today resemble one more integrated pants with shirt.

How to wear men’s overalls? The reality is that there are great chances that this piece will leave you a bit out of place in the environment, no matter what the modeling style you go with. Note that it this doesn’t mean you can not use it. Just be aware that you are making a very bold bet with your style and looks. If you have a more eccentric and fashionista personal style, it can work because people will expect different looks from you.


There is a specific look of masculine overalls that is a little more versatile: that’s the gardener’s look, with overalls, including suspenders, and a white short-sleeved T-shirt underneath. Some men like to leave one of the handles open, but it can get a bit forced out. Overalls are already bold enough, so there’s no need to overdo it.

On the feet, the best option is a pair of white sneakers with invisible stocking or blond type boots, slightly bending the bar of the pants to let the ankle bone appear. Also avoid printed shirt, otherwise it will pollute the look too much. And always keep in mind that in case you decide to risk it even more, overalls are absolutely casual. You can wear them for a sunny morning during the weekends and never at night. Though evenings are fine.

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