Discover the new Rebook DMX Trail Shadow sneakers

After the boom of 100k races, crossfit, mud obstacle courses, hiking and other outdoor activities, it is normal that the shoes designed to run on organic and natural surfaces, ended up becoming fashionable today. We’re of course talking about trail shoes. For example, the Reebok Premier Trail collection. Silhouettes with the rural technical characteristics, but with the urban touch of style so that they also have a roll in the city. One of the representative silhouettes of this collection are the DMX Trail Shadow sneakers.

Futuristic, avant-garde and contemporary are some of the features that define the new silhouette recently presented by Reebok. “A design that represents a new turning point in the evolution of the brand by merging contemporary running with a high style. The DMX Trail Shadow is the culmination of a footwear concept that combines advanced technology and fashion, creating a sophisticated and progressive style that adapts to the new tastes of the contemporary consumer. 

All this declaration of intent is materialized in the DMX Trail Shadow shoes. For example, the upper part of the shoes is inspired by the brand’s archives, reinterpreting their traditional running silhouettes. And we see it clearly in the details of the base, where we discover a powerful sole with a very strong profile that recalls an updated version of the traditional trail shoes.

To wrap up, Reebok DMX Trail Shadow sneakers are trail shoes that synthesize function and trend perfectly. You will find them on 


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