A.A. Spectrum Spring-Summer 2020 Lookbook

Discover A.A.Spectrum Spring-Summer 2020 lookbook featuring talent @xtommybluex. Design and direction @elliestamm, Photography @themisspopo, Styling @elzkersham, Editing @poststudiocph 
Hair and make up @mette.schou, Co Production @martinmwila, Assistant @soren_schou 

‘Easy Checked Coat’, ‘White Silk Polo’, ‘Checked Dad Pants’
Tyvek White Trenchcoat’, ‘Silk Polo’, ‘ShuFu Pants’. Sneaker-covers are made by @elliestamm for the occasion
‘Dad Checked Vest’, ‘Knitted hat’
‘Fluid Blazer’, ‘Fluid Pants’.
Artwork created by Kris Andrew Small in a collaboration with Elisabet Stamm
‘Head Piece’, ‘Hobo Tee’, ‘Imagine Pink Shorts’, ‘Hobo Socks’

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