10 Hottest Gay Destinations Around The World

LGBT travels has been one of the exciting experience across the globe. The passage of marriage equality in the U.S and Ireland allows same-sex couples to toast their nuptials while further signaling to the world that equality is here to stay. There were setbacks as well. Emerging destinations like Nicaragua soundly rejected same-sex marriages and adoptions this year, overall disapproval of LGBT persons remains high inup-and-coming Balkan countries like Albania and Serbia and a gay rights ordinance failed in Houston. Nevertheless we still have best and coolest places for LGBT community to spend their time and explore.

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Angelenos have been rediscovering their downtown, aka “DTLA,” and what was once a tiptoe back into the city’s inner core is now a full stampede thanks to a rapid expansion of everything cool. Spend a day meandering around the funky Downtown Arts District, check out the free Broad Museum, take a dip at the rooftop pool of the new Standard or Ace Hotels—where you can strut around in your Speedo without an eyelash being batted—and dig DTLA’s gay nightlife including craft cocktails at Bar Mattachine, a bite and beer at Redline and rock and roll good times at corner bar and club Precinct.

Paris, France

France’s gorgeous, thrilling capital city has long been a mecca for gay and lesbian locals and visitors alike and a heinous attack against this paragon of culture and sophistication makes us love it that much more. We can’t wait to return to gay Paree and wander the streets of the Marais, snap an irresistible selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, catch a few rays at the constructed beach along the Seine, while away entire afternoons at outdoor cafes and meet someone special at a bar later that night. Paris is in our hearts, now and forever.


Three cheers for Thailand! As if this Buddhist nation weren’t already welcoming enough to gay tourists what with its ladyboy cabaret shows, gay bars, night clubs, pool parties and saunas that exist in meccas like Bangkok and Phuket (where there is even a gay beach), the Southeast Asian country broke new ground by passing the Gender Equality Act which seeks to protect members of the LGBT community and punish discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Louisville, Kentucky

Don’t let one homophobic county clerk fool you into thinking the Bluegrass State is intolerant. Southern hospitality rules in Louisville, an urban charmer that rolls out the welcome mat for queer tourists along culturally rich Main Street which bustles with cool lodgings like the 21c Museum Hotel, cultural attractions including the Actors Theatre of Louisville and places to swill bourbon. Meanwhile, gay nightlife has shifted away from downtown and toward lively and rambling Bardstown Road where hetero hangouts rub shoulders with happening queer joints like Chill Bar, Big Bar and Nowhere Bar.

Puerto Rico

Want to say “I do” amongst swaying palm trees and with the Caribbean sun melting behind you? The Supreme Court ruling in June automatically brought marriage equality to this U.S. territory and it’s governor immediately signed an executive order requiring government agencies to comply with the ruling. Regardless of the possibility of a seaside ceremony, Puerto Rico boasts a bustling gay beach at Condado, daily happy hour at the Atlantic Beach Hotel, wild nights at clubs like Circo and the timeless charms of Old San Juan. Save a few days to explore the rainforest, surfing beach Rincon and nearby Vieques.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Yep, 2016 is indeed going to be the year in which the world is watching the South American city that dances to an eternal samba beat as it hosts the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. Rio is working hard to ready itself on time and this means visitors to this gorgeous seaside mecca can expect a spiffed up city when they arrive. Granted it’s hard to look at anything but the gorgeous men and women—aka the Cariocas—who strut along the beaches of Copacobana, Ipanema and Leblon like its nobody’s business. It’s true you have to watch yourself at times, but take it from us—no one is going to rob you if all you’re wearing is a sunga.


In 2015, the reliably Catholic voters of Ireland stunned the world when they voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Although the dust settled shortly thereafter, legal marriages didn’t actually begin until November which means 2016 is the first full year of marriage equality in the Emerald Isle. Big cities like Dublin and Cork boast a lively and out scene for gay men and women including nightclubs, saunas, gay-friendly hotels, etc., but we have a feeling you’ll also want to spend some time driving around the countryside and inhaling the lush green landscapes along the way.

Route 66, USA

You’ve surely heard some version of the classic song which boasts about how the Mother Road swoops through St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo and Flagstaff on its westward journey to California, but what you probably don’t know is that this quintessentially American journey is among the campiest road trips around including chances to see the world’s largest ketchup bottle, rocking chair and cross, plus plenty of roadside kitsch such as Cadillac Ranch, the Blue Whale of Catoosa, tacky of souvenir shops and a lots of gay bars. And need we remind you that the 2,400 miles are book ended by two fabulous gay meccas?


Atlantis, purveyor of beloved gay cruise experiences, turns 25 this year and celebrates with a three Caribbean itineraries (including one departing from NYC) and two Mediterranean excursions. We think all will pale in comparison to its April tour of French Polynesia which turns the island nation of Tahiti rainbow-colored for a full week of sailing aboard the Oceania Marina and taking in lands rarely seen by the queer community, including Bora Bora, Papeete, Moorea, Rangiroa, Raiatea and Huahine. The cruise sold out ages ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t book a trip of your own in 2016.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A Victorian spa town in the Ozark mountains with a population of 2,000 people may not scream gay mecca, but Eureka Springs is just that. Too small to sustain the kind of noticeable gay infrastructure that exists in big cities, Eureka Springs is defiantly gay friendly in a state that otherwise bleeds red. In 2015 it stood up against a state law it perceived as anti-gay and if you’re wondering why our community flocks to this mountain town it’s because of its twisty roads, architectural marvels like Thorncrown Chapel, the all gay Magnetic Valley Resort and a community that is welcoming to all.



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